• Dance is a beautiful to watch and satisfying to learn. It is based on ordinary movements, such as binding, stretching, sliding, jumping and turning, which are done in a special way.
  • As we started dancing we do first GYMNASTIC exercises to warm up and stretch our body in the preparation of main events which is Dancing. In the class, you will put your body in position that it is not used to.
  • All the movements in Dancing come from BALLET choreography. Five positions shapes for your arms and legs. The shapes that dancers make with their bodies are a combination of the circles and straight lines that you will learn in these positions. Choreography included special steps which started from points. You will hold your body elegantly with beautiful classic music.position5
  • COORDINATION. Moving your head, arms and body together is coordination. It will help you later with fast moving. It is important to think about the way you move as well as making sure your moves accurate. To be a good dancer you need to moves and perform gracefully.
  • DANCING TOGETHER. It is fun to dance with friends. This will make your dance more interesting to perform and watch. We will use many ACCESSORY for dance (fans, flowers, hats, Arabic scarfs, ribbons, Spanish skirts, ballet costumes…)
  • Younger dancers will learn elements of NATIONAL DANCE. (Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Greek… ) It is help to know about people around the world. For every dance we will use National accessory which make as feel special. 
  • MODERN DANCE. We follow to popular music. Moments from the popular serial and famous music groups. It is really enjoyment with new stile of dance.
  • Getting ready. PERFORMANCE. At last, it is the show begins. It is fun to dance for yourself but it is even better to dance for audients. Costume and make-up help dancers to the performance. It will make unforgettably, graceful feelings.