Anna Gorbasheva is a founder and a manager of a ballet studio “Unique Dance Studio”. It is “unique” because it works in different directions and genres. These are folk, classical, modern and role dances, teaching not only of a dance plastic art, but helping children to reveal and feel more confident in their lives.

Classes are conducted 4 times a week for a few hours, depending on a child’s age. Juniors’ group comprises children aged from 3 to 5 years old. The eldest girls are 14. There are100 children in total in a studio. Little children are taught by Anna in a play form because there is a very sensitive verge between a wish and a non-wish to study. As a professional teacher, she tries to foster a love for dance and teach the basics of choreography without crossing this verge.

In a “Unique Dance Studio” girls do not only stand “en pointes”, but can also dance with them on.
Studio arranges concerts and performances 3-4 times per year. In autumn this is a “welcoming concert” and a “fall ball” after holidays. In winter there is a “New Year Party”. In summer — “final programme”. Besides, the studio students are often invited for ceremonial events and children’s festivals.

Our dance studio participates in a lot of festivals and competitions world wide. We are one of the only dance studios in UAE, who travels abroad to show our talent and our skills. We have traveled to Italy (Pesaro), Spain (Lloret de Mar), Russia (Saint Petersburg), Japan (Tokyo), Kazakhstan (Almaty), UAE (Dubai and Sharjah), and are still planning on expanding that list in the future. We came back from all those countries with first places and even received a Grand-Prix from Dubai Dance Olympics, that was held in Dubai, UAE. Our students are very talented and hard working girls. They enjoy competitions and gaining more knowledge and skills from competitions.  We plan to go to many other countries and we are not just set on getting first places, we are set on being the best of the best in every competition we participate in.